What kind of desk is right for you?

What kind of desk is right for you?
As you know, a desk can come in different shapes and sizes. So how do you do to find a desk that’s right for you?  In this blog, we present the benefits of different kinds of desks and what will suit you the best.


Time at the desk
How much time will you spend at the desk on an average day? If it’s only an hour or so, the table doesn’t have to be lavish or large. On the other hand, if you work there from morning to evening, you need to consider things like format, quality, design, and functionality.

Size of the table top
What do you need to have close at hand when you work? If it’s a lot of stuff, like a desktop computer as well as a laptop plus a couple of letter baskets and more, you should consider a  large table top. But if the table only needs to accommodate a laptop and a single binder, choose a smaller table top allowing more space in your room. 


Rectangular desks
Rectangular desks are space-efficient and often used in office landscapes or workplaces where there is limited space. The benefits of these classics also include that they can be placed in different formations in the room and then easily be separated through partitions and table screens.

Ergonomic wave desktops
Desks with an ergonomic wave desktop are ideal if you want to have your most important things close at hand while working. The design also means that you can get close to the table when you work, which gives you an ergonomically correct working position and with good support for your arms.

Corner desks
Corner desks or L-shaped desks fit well in awkwardly shaped rooms or if you are short of space. They are particularly suitable if the room is to accommodate several functions since the floor surface in the middle of the room can be kept clear. If you add an extension table, you can have meetings directly at your workplace.

Choose colour or wood
Regardless of the shape and format of your desk, you can get it in a design that matches your interior design in general. Our table tops have a durable and easy-care laminate surface and are available in birch, beech, oak, grey, black and white.


Height-adjustable desks
A Sedentary work-life is one of the great health hazards of our time. Fortunately, this can be counteracted in several ways – including using a height-adjustable desk. Continual switching between sitting and standing position during the day is a perfect way to activate the body at work. The sit-stand function is available on desks in all different colours, shapes, and formats – and is an investment in your well-being.

Modesty panel
A modesty panel at the bottom facilitates the furnishing since the desk can be placed anywhere in the room, for example in an open office landscape. The cover also contributes to a neat overall impression by concealing desk pedestals, waste paper bins, and cables neatly.

Other accessories
A desk pedestal for important papers, a cable tray to avoid cable clutter, a low profile desk drawer that doesn't steal legroom, ergonomic forearm support, monitor arm, desktop mats ... If you take a close look at our range of accessories, chances are that your desk will be just the way you want it. Do it!




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