How to choose the right storage for the office

Well-thought-out storage not only makes life easier, but also contributes to making the whole office environment much more attractive. But how do you make the right choice? This storage-guide will point out some good points to consider when it is time to buy storage cabinets for the office.

Every business need storage. Fortunately, storage furniture fits in most environments can open up different possibilities – for example, storage can make a perfect room divider. Having trouble choosing between open shelves and storage cabinets? Take a look at mixing both. That way private documents or anything unsightly can be hidden behind closed doors and neater items such as books, awards and product displays can be seen on open shelving. If you choose storage that is part of a series, you can combine high and low cabinets to create a uniform style in the office.

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Storage made with different finishes and materials

Laminate cabinets are a functional and affordable alternative for the office. The material is maintenance-free, the surface is smooth, scratch-resistant and water-repellent, which makes these cabinets suitable in most cases.

Cabinets in veneer have a thin surface layer of wood that adds a solid feeling of class to the office environment. Because the material is vibrant, the cabinet has an elegant appearance with natural changes in the surface.

Powder-coated metal cabinets are extremely durable and fit in environments where wear is expected to be high. These cabinets often have a high load capacity per shelf and are an excellent alternative for, for example, archives.

Open shelves are available in different sizes, materials and designs. An open storage fits well in most environments and is perfect for showing off things you are proud of.

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Different door types

  • Regular doors give you a good overview of the entire content.
  • Sliding doors are a perfect alternative in confined spaces.
  • Shutter doors are another great choice for smaller spaces, they won’t take up any extra space when open.

Get a good lock!

Do you want to keep unauthorized people away from private documents? Choose a key lock if you need to keep the contents of your cabinet to yourself. With an electronic code lock, several people can have access to the cabinet – without complicated key management.

Think about the interior of the cabinet

Choosing cabinets with adjustable sheving makes it easier to customize the storage to your needs, for example with extra shelves and smart inserts. For added functionality, you can also add document drawers and magazine files that make it easy to sort – and find – the things you want to save.

Big or small, high or low?

If you have plenty of room, several low cabinets in a row can be a nice alternative to a high cabinet. With this option you gain more space for extra open storage on top, space for product displays or plants and other decorative details.

If the floor area is limited, the solution may be to go for height. For example, you can place two cabinets on top of each other, go for floor to ceiling shelving or taller cabinets.

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