How to ensure your warehouse runs at maximum efficiency

How to ensure your warehouse runs at maximum efficiency

Do you want to give your warehouse staff the chance to do the best job possible? AJ Products can help you to create a custom warehouse solution where capacity, logistics, ergonomics and safety are optimised. Read more about what we have to offer below.
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A lot of people just think about the here and now when they're fitting out their premises. We look further ahead and include your potential future requirements in our plans to ensure that your fixtures will be flexible enough to meet your long-term needs.
Johan Elamsson, Projects Sales Exsctutive at AJ Products Sweden
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Shelving units
Pallet racking and forklift truck
Pallet rack
Woman using mini stacker to move boxes in a warehouse
Lifting trolley at full height with box
Man using picking trolley
Packing table
Recycling bins in warehouse
Machine guard, bollard and pallet rack upright protector


Customised shelving and space-saving pallet racks positioned to optimise workflow. Ergonomic lifting aids and safe walkways for the safety of warehouse personnel.
Warehouse logistics deals with the storage and administration of goods in warehouses.
Movement at work affects the body's muscles. Load ergonomics means adapting working postures, movements and physical load to the staff's conditions so as not to pose a danger to health. 
Pallet racking, pallet racks and pallet shelves are different names for the same thing. Pallets with goods are placed in a rack one above the other so that many pallets can be stored in a small area.
Common tasks for warehouse workers are receiving and sending out goods as well as repacking goods and sorting waste. 
In our range you will find everything needed to create an efficient warehouse and our project sales team will help you plan the best solution for your specific business free of charge. 

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