Which storage rack do you need?

Which storage rack do you need?

We have a wide range of shelving units and racking systems that are suitable for many different purposes, but which one should you choose for your business? With our flexible shelving units, most storage needs can be easily solved, whether it's a small space or a complete fit-out of a large storage facility. Whether you need a simple metal shelf or a complete shelving system that can be expanded infinitely, we have many to choose from in our range.
Warehouse worker moves goods from warehouse shelf

What weight does the shelf need to take?

Light Load
The bottom line in choosing shelves is - they need to store goods without collapsing. If you're storing lighter items such as books, binders and archive boxes, a shelf with a maximum load of 150 kg per shelf is sufficient. Simpler sheet metal shelves are both flexible and durable and work well in both the office and the warehouse. We recommend LIGHT or TOTAL.

Medium Load
If the storage shelf is intended for slightly heavier items, the weight class 170-190 kg per shelf is a good choice. These shelves are adapted for warehouse environments, but also work in offices where slightly heavier things need to be stored. In this weight class there are POWER and TRANSFORM.

Heavy Load
Storage shelves for tougher environments such as workshops and industry need to withstand up to 700 kg. For extra stability when storing heavy goods, a model with a foot for bolting into the floor is suitable with regard to work environment safety. Here we recommend TOUGH and COMBO.
Man in a warehouse with shelves carries a storage box

Where will your shelving be placed?

Should the shelf stand free or against a wall?
If you need to access the shelf from two sides, you need stable construction that does not require a back cross. Back plates can be used to separate shelves that stand back to back or to protect visibility.

What are the dimensions of the space for the shelves?
Always make sure you have the best use of the space. Most shelving systems have a large selection of height, width and shelf depth. With careful planning, it's possible to make full use of the surfaces. Are you happy with high shelves that reach the ceiling or do you need to reach the top shelf level without the aid of a stool or ladder?

Do the shelves need to be moved often?
If you need flexibility, it might be a good idea to check the assembly instructions before buying. For example, choose a shelf with pre-assembled ends where the only thing you need to do is hook the shelves you choose at any height.

Adapted shelves for a safe working environment

With our flexible shelving systems, there are solutions for most storage needs. With metal warehouse shelves adapted for the right weight and area of ​​use, the work environment becomes both safer and easier to work in. When the goods are in order, both picking and packing run smoothly and this in turn increases the efficiency of the warehouse.

Maximize storage capacity with the right type of shelves and good planning. Keep the warehouse well organised with good workflows and ergonomics in mind. A warehouse needs to be functional and easy to handle, which leads to a good and safe working environment.

Need help from our experts?
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What needs to be stored?

Small parts
If there are smaller items to be stored, picking trays are a smart solution. They provide a good overview of the range. With trays that are sized for the shelf system, storage is both efficient and compact. Plastic trays are available for both small parts and slightly larger items.

Hidden storage
Shelves with end plate and back plate offer partially hidden storage and separate the shelf sections from each other. Complete with pull-out drawers and doors to prevent visibility. Choose a door with a lock to protect sensitive goods.

Shelves for specific purposes
Some items need custom storage. Examples of this are tyre racks, pallet racks and chemical shelves. Feel free to ask a salesperson for advice if you are not sure which type of shelf is best for your purposes.

Need to know more about pallet racking?

TIP! Modular storage systems

The Combo shelving system allows you to build your own combination of shelves. Complete with back rails, tool panels and workbench to get a smart workstation.

  • Suitable as a storage shelf for workshops and industry
  • Mounted without bolts and screws
  • Extra smart accessories available
  • Shelves can handle up to 700 kg
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Substantial warehouse shelves loaded with heavy goods
Storage shelf TOUGH

Need different types of shelves?

In our wide range of different shelves we have systems that are better suited for use in offices, archives, or retail.

Archive or filing shelves are available in many different variations and designs. If the shelf is intended for storage of lighter files and folders, a simple archive shelf will suffice. An archive shelf can be suitable in many environments - the important thing is that the capacity and construction match what is to be stored.
Lighter office shelves may need to be anchored to the wall, while many stronger shelves can stand freely and allow access from both sides.

Wall-mounted shelf systems are an excellent choice for storing lighter items such as folders. A support strip is screwed onto the chosen wall surface and hanging rails are mounted on the strip. The shelves can be placed at any distance and height. There are wall systems with or without shelf gables. Practical and space-saving storage that can be used advantageously in storage rooms.

Retail shelves are for displaying and storing goods in stores. But store shelves can also be suitable for use in other environments, such as warehouse spaces, workshops, and garages.

Food or kitchen shelving is adapted for storage of food in store or warehouse environments that have higher requirements. The shelves are available in different designs adapted for cooling or freezer rooms. The shelf panels are usually food-approved and are an optimal choice in spaces where hygiene is important. They are easy to clean and designed to collect minimal dust.

Do you want tips on which shelf series to choose? We list the best warehouse shelves for 2023!

Our robust bestseller TOUGH can withstand up to 1000 kg in maximum load.

  • Gables and support beams are made of powder-coated sheet metal for extra hard and durable finish
  • For bulky goods in demanding environments
  • Moveable shelves that can easily be hooked on and off

MIX is our most adaptable series and gives you a lot of shelf for your money!

  • Large selection of accessories
  • Moveable shelves that can easily be hooked on and off
  • Choose between open, concealed or semi-open storage

LIGHT is an easy-to-assemble shelf series that is suitable for lighter warehouse storage.

  • Moveable shelves that can easily be hooked on and off
  • Mounted completely without screws and bolts
  • Equipped with feet that protect floors from scratches

Ask us about warehouse shelves!

If you need help planning your warehouse or wondering which shelf system is most suitable for your business, you are welcome to contact us. We are happy to help!


Find the shelves you're looking for..


Start by considering the size and volume of items that you need to store. Depending on weight and quantity, it is important that the shelf capacity is adapted to the weight. Could storage need to be expanded in the future? Make sure to choose a warehouse shelf that is expandable.
All of our warehouse shelves are made with durable metal frames, but you can choose models with other materials on the actual shelves themselves. The type of shelf you choose should depend on what you need to store. If there is a risk of leakage of liquids, metal shelf panels may be the best choice!
Our TRANSFORM series with plastic shelf panels is specifically designed to withstand standing in freezer rooms down to -30°C.
Bolting down warehouse shelves to the floor is an easy way to improve both safety and stability. Several of our shelves come prepared for bolt fastening to the floor.

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