Office desks, tables & workstations

Table, Desk & Workstations for the workplace

A company’s brand identity and corporate culture can be expressed through office furniture designs and finishes. Furniture has a direct effect on employees’ performance at work. Hence, it is necessary for you to invest in furniture that provides employees with comfort, is durable and easy to maintain. Finding the right work tables for your business is pivotal to your organisational efficiency. They come in dozens of sizes with a variety of options and can have square, rounded, or countertop corners to accommodate virtually every need. We have a wide selection of tables, desks and workstations suitable for use in many different environments from your office to your warehouse.

Tables for commercial buildings

Tables can be found in corporate offices, schools, hotels, hospitals and a variety of other work environments. From canteen tables for the lunchroom to coffee tables for the reception area and cafe and bar tables for hotels, our tables are designed to suit different work environments. Our products are made from quality materials with intelligent design. We aim to provide our customers with functional products that satisfy their requirements at the right price.

Boardroom and meeting tables

We provide conference room tables in a variety of shapes to suit various requirements. The right size for your business will depend on both the size and shape of your conference room. You should also consider the primary purpose of the boardroom. For instance, a small round conference table is ideal for meeting areas that will be used for brainstorming and collaborative sessions. A large rectangular boardroom table is ideal for client, board and executive meetings. Narrow rectangular tables can be arranged in an open horseshoe configuration in conference rooms that will be used mainly for presentations. This makes it easier for the presenter to approach each individual attending the meeting.

Office desks

You can select from our wide range of Flexus and Modulus office furniture online including office desks that can help you tailor a complete office solution to suit your employees’ requirements. Our desk furniture also includes height-adjustable options for those looking to burn some extra calories as they work. Pair any one of these work surfaces with storage, such as mobile pedestals, file cabinets, or other desk accessories to create an efficient workspace.

Workstations and workbenches to help you improve productivity

Workbenches are necessary for warehouses, garages and other environments where manual work is carried out. These benches can withstand frequent use of heavy equipment and other machinery, thus proving to be a worthwhile investment. As part of our workstation range, we can also supply your business with packing tables, which are ideal for packing work as well as lighter assembly work. Whether you are looking to furnish your entire workspace or need assistance with specific products, we are happy to help. If you need help with planning, our fully qualified consultants are on hand to take care of the entire process. Leave us a message and we will help you find the right furniture for your workspace.