Buy cycle hoops, racks & shelters for secure bike storage!

Today, as the popularity of cycling has increased, the need for safe and secure bike storage solutions has increased too. Hence, as an employer, you need to ensure that you provide your employees with a workplace that is well-equipped with cycle hoops, racks and shelters. This is one of the simplest ways to encourage your staff to bike to work and promote a healthier lifestyle. At AJ products, we offer high quality, durable bike storage solutions that can suit every work environment. Read the following points to get a better understanding of our racks and shelters so that you can purchase suitable ones for your premises.

Bike racks

We offer bike racks that are sleek and stylish as well as weather-resistant and made of durable materials such as galvanised steel. If you are looking for storage solutions to fit in limited space, our wall-mounted bike racks are an ideal choice. Users can easily park their bikes with either the front or rear wheel in the rack. Due to this, several bikes can be parked next to each other even if they have baskets or wide handlebars. If there aren’t any space constraints, opt for our standard racks, which can be secured to the ground and can be used to secure bikes on both sides. Each of our racks can accommodate a different number of bikes. Click on individual product specifications to find out more about the size, material and bike capacity of each rack.

Bike shelters

Our range of modern bike shelters is designed to suit any location, from a conventional workplace to a school. Keep the wind and rain off bicycles and their riders with our shelters, which are available with tubular arched frames, a robust design, corrugated and transparent roofs, and mechanical code locks. Along with the basic units, you can purchase an add-on unit that allows you to extend your storage space to suit your requirements. Browse through our various options and purchase suitable ones for optimal protection against wind, rain and theft!

Accessories and smoking shelters

Along with bicycle stands and shelters, you can also consider our range of accessories for improving security. For example, our lock anchors are ideal for securing anything from bicycles, prams and motorcycles to ladders, sweepers and lawn mowers. These anchors take up very little space and can be easily fixed to the wall, ceiling or ground to help create a safer environment. Apart from the products mentioned above, we also offer smoking shelters, which have a sturdy frame and an acrylic plastic roof, to protect smokers from rain and wind. For more details, click on individual product specifications. We can also help your workplace with complete outdoor premises management, which includes products such as cigarette bins, ashtrays, mailboxes, tarpaulins and winter products. If you need any assistance selecting and purchasing suitable products, contact us!

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