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Winter products for improved site safety

Ensuring the safety of staff and visitors in poor weather conditions is essential. Ice and snow can pose a major hazard during the winter months. There are a number of simple steps every business can take to make sure the premises are not dangerous.

Grit walkways to prevent falls

It is a good idea for any business to keep their own store of grit salt for gritting car parks and pathways in icy conditions but is particularly recommended that busy public areas have an accessible grit bin to prevent accidents. This includes places such as station platforms and shopping centre car parks, as well as schools – anywhere that may not be gritted by the council. For larger areas, a salt spreader can make the task of gritting much quicker and easier.

Clear snow from points of access

In order to avoid pedestrian falls, car accidents and lawsuits, it is important to ensure that any walkways, roads, car parks, etc. that come under your jurisdiction are cleared of snow and ice. For a small business, a snow shovel may be sufficient for clearing your front steps and any access paths. For larger businesses, transport depots or premises management companies, a more wide-reaching and efficient solution will be required. For any business with a forklift on site, a forklift snow plough attachment is a worthwhile investment that will allow you to clear roads, delivery zones and forecourts quickly. A forklift snow plough simply fits over and locks onto the forks. The blade can push snow straight ahead or be angled to the left or right to adapt to needs. If there is no forklift on site, you can fit a sweeper attachment for snowblower to an outdoor sweeper usually used for sweeping litter from pavements or clearing leaves in the autumn, giving you a versatile year-round solution for keeping your premises clean and access routes clear.

Wipe wet shoes to prevents slips

Once inside the most common cause of accidents in bad weather is slipping on wet floors. To prevent this, place a shoe scraper just outside or directly inside the main entrance door. A shoe scraper is a quick way for visitors and staff to dry their shoes, clean off snow and ice and wipe off dirt. Place adequate entrance mats both inside and out to ensure that shoes are perfectly clean by the time people enter the building properly. A rubber entrance mat on the way in helps to scrap off dirt, while an indoor entrance mat completes the drying the process by absorbing any moisture not removed by the scraper. At AJ Products we have a wide range of health and safety equipment, from hazard warning signs to crowd barriers to non-slip mats. To keep your premises tidy, we have solutions ranging from a huge assortment of litter bins and cigarette bins to an outdoor storage box for easy storage of tools, equipment, temporary barriers, sand, salt or anything else you need access to outside. Browse our full range online.

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