Light Shelving Unit

We sell this power-coated shelving unit, which is made from sheet steel, for convenient and versatile storage. This simple and efficiently designed shelving system is suitable for use in most environments such as archive rooms, office storage spaces, warehouses, etc. The shelving racks are easy to assemble as they do not need screws and bolts, rather you can simply hook the shelves on at the desired heights between the four uprights. The shelves can be adjusted in increments of 40mm, thus providing you with flexibility. We also provide reinforcement to the shelving system with strong side panels and rear bracing. The powder coating makes the surface durable while the feet on the light shelving unit will not scratch the floor. We sell additional shelves as accessories, which you can use to add more storage levels and make a completely customisable shelving system. Click on the individual products for more specifications.

Archive Shelving

Check out our archive shelving unit, which is a perfect option for storing medical records, legal files, accounts and other documents. The shelving system comes complete with boxes and is designed for accommodating the size and weight of standard archiving boxes. You can keep up to ten boxes on each shelf, each of which has a maximum capacity of 300 kg. You can easily assemble the shelving system as its construction is boltless. We make this system with galvanised steel; which ensures the finished product is sturdy and durable. The basic units consist of two end frames with shelves and can be used standalone or as a part of a longer storage system. You can extend the shelving with add-on units, which are sold separately. For more information, click on the product images. As well as the shelving systems mentioned here, we also supply other boltless archiving shelving, compact archiving shelving, metal shelving systems, etc. Our high-quality products ensure you have a shelving system capable of standing up to your demands. Contact our sales team if you have any questions and browse through our product pages for more specifications.