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Small Parts Bins for Efficient Storage

Rack shelving and storage is not only about large and heavy machines and equipment. Sometimes, a need might arise for businesses to store small objects and parts. In order to fulfil this purpose, AJ Products sells a handy way of storing such objects: small parts bins. We sell a variety of these bins, which can be easily placed on large sized storage racks and shelves. Due to their small size, it is easy for you to lift and move them. These products are best suited for environments such as factories, warehouses, industries, workshops, etc. Go through our small parts bin listings and make your choice by gaining more information about product specifications.

Budget Stores Bins

AJ Products sells a special warehouse- and workshop-friendly bin called the budget stores bin. This product is made of high-density polyethylene. This makes it very durable and stable for using in energy-intensive environments. These bins are highly resistant to acids, oils, solvents and temperature fluctuations (between -40°C to +80°C). They can be easily lifted and stacked to save space. These bins also provide an option to stick labels on the front so that components can be easily identified. Click on product specifications if you are interested in reading more about this product.

Modular Bins

Similar to the budget stores bin, the modular bins are perfect for using in processes such as storing, picking and sorting of small objects, tools and any other items. With sturdy handles at both ends, you can easily lift these bins and stack them onto one another to save space. We also sell accessories like dividers that can be placed along the bin’s interior length or width to create smaller compartments, thus earning it the name ‘modular’. We also sell a transparent front cover with these bins. Take a quick look at the product specifications for a better understanding of our products.

Other Specifications

Apart from heavy-duty workplace environments, these small-sized bins can also be used in corporate offices where there might be a need to store frequently-used items such as erasers, pencils, pens and so on. You can buy the small parts bins in different colours and use colour coding to store different items. We sell these bins made from three materials: HD polyethylene, polyethylene and polypropylene. As well as these products, we sell a wide range of other items that are used for storage and transportation purposes such as transport trolleys, wheelie bins, waste paper bins, storage racks and shelves, etc. Click on individual products for more specifications, so that you can select the best products as per requirement.