Chemical storage shelves for safe storage

Strict regulations govern the storage of chemicals and hazardous substances. Some chemicals such as acids will need to be stored in a designated hazardous substance storage cabinet that can be locked to restrict access to authorised personnel. Others pose less danger and it may be more convenient to keep them on chemical storage shelves with an in-built sump tray. AJ Products provides safe storage no matter your needs.

Chemical storage racks

Galvanised shelving with sump tray shelves provides easy access storage for chemicals and oils without the risk of spills and leaks. Should the containers leak, the perforated shelves let 50% of spills through the shelf so that fluids drain off and are collected in the sump tray beneath the bottom shelf. It is a safe and convenient solution for cleaning fluids, motor oil and other lower risk substances.

Drum storage racks

Drum racking is a space-saving storage solution for any drums or barrels stored on site. In order to ensure a safe working environment, you can collect any leaks or spillages in a large sump tray designed to fit directly underneath the racking unit. The sump has integrated fork pockets to make it easy to move into position and empty when necessary.

COSHH storage cabinets

Depending on the type of chemicals stored, COSHH regulations may require you to have a lockable hazardous substance cabinet instead of open shelves. Certain chemicals will require a fireproof chemical cabinet while less flammable substances just need to be stored in a code-compliant chemical storage cabinet: this is a yellow chemical cabinet for substances deemed “hazardous”, red for pesticide storage cabinets or white for acid storage cabinets. At AJ Products we have a wide range of robust and secure storage solutions for every environment. Whether you need a chemical storage cabinet, lockable tool cabinet, pallet racking or warehouse shelving, we can provide your business with the equipment you need. We also sell health and safety equipment include spill trays, floor safety signs, hazard warning tape and perimeter barriers. All to ensure a safe working environment for your staff. Contact us if you need any help with recommendations about how to comply with COSHH regulations.