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How to create order in the office!
We all want a clean desk and a nice neat and organized office. But how do you do to create that and what do you actually need? There are three factors that have a crucial impact when it comes to creating a sustainable order. These are – flexible storage solutions, fit for purpose system and appropriate routines. 

1. Flexible storage solutions
Order requires good storage. That's the base to order. It's impossible to organize your things without cabinets, drawers, shelves and boxes. There will be chaos no matter how organized you are as a person. And there are better or worse storage solutions out there. Which one you end up choosing makes a big difference when it comes to your ability to organize and the longer term sustainability of the order you have created. So it is best to do it correctly from the beginning. Think about what needs you have when it comes to storage solutions. 

Cabinets are the first thing you usually think about when you think of storage. You can store so much in them. Therefore, flexible cabinets, that have an flexible interior and that can be adjusted according to your needs, are very important. In order for you to store what you want and not be limited by, for example, the height of the shelves of the cabinet, they must be adjustable. It is limiting if you, for example, want to store binders and the space between the shelves is too small. It will ruin your whole idea of how you wanted to organize your space.

But if the shelves have the right height and you can even pull them out, you will get easier access to the things stored on them. If you need to store your papers in hanging folders, they, of course, should also be integrated in pull out shelves. If the floor in your office is slightly uneven, it is important that you can adjust the legs of the cabinet. You may need to lock the cabinet. Then it must have a lock. 

Is there such a cabinet out there you might think. Yes, there is! It's called Style it looks like this: 

Another clutter source might be that you don't have enough room in your office. It might not be enough space to open cabinet doors. Don't worry. In that case, there is a solution - a cabinet with sliding doors. 


Alternatively, you can have an extra narrow cabinet. Using walls and not just the floor is another way to optimize storage in your office. 


2. Fit for purpose system
What do I mean by that? A fit for purpose organizing system is all about thinking through the things that naturally belong together and therefore also should be stored together. Then find the best place for them according to how often you use them and the storage solutions that you have. Put what belongs together on the same shelf or in the same box. What you work with on a daily basis should be easily accessible. Only the things you use daily should be stored on your desk. Then you will quickly find what you are looking for.

3. Appropriate routines
Now there is only one thing left - putting things back where they belong after you have used them. Because it doesn't matter how smart and fit for purpose storage solutions you have or how well you have thought through and organized everything if you don't have proper routines to maintain the order that you have created. If you don't put back things where they belong, the order will never be sustainable in the long run. Make sure to label where everything should be and it will make it easier for you, not only to find what you are looking for but also to put the things you have used back in the right place. Dymo is a great tool for that. 

Last but not least - don't forget to declutter continuously, otherwise it will eventually become overcrowded in the cabinets and drawers, and it will become difficult to find your things again. My advice is to book at least one day per year in your calendar to declutter and reorganize your office. 

If you do the things listed above you will create a long-term order where you will avoid wasting your time looking for things! In addition, you will become happier and more harmonic. So there are only benefits in organizing your office space! 

Paulina Draganja / founder of the blog Storage queen (Förvaringsdrottningen)


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