Buy wall clocks online

It may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when furnishing your workplace, but what’s the one simple thing that can help you be on time at work? It is the clock. At AJ Products, we provide a wide range of wall clocks that can blend in with every workplace: from an office to a school. Our clocks are not just designed for time-telling, but can also serve as a great décor piece. Read the following to learn more about our different types, designs and colours of wall clocks, then select suitable ones for your workplace.

Standard wall clocks

We provide coloured wall clocks that are ideal for brightening up any space. These clocks have large black numbers on the plain white surface, making them easy to see and read. In addition to the large 1-12, our clocks include second hands and smaller numbers on the dial to indicate minutes or seconds precisely. We provide them with bezels in colours such as black, lime, grey, purple and light blue. If you do not want coloured bezels, opt for clocks with silver frames. If you want clocks for large spaces like canteens, you can browse through our variety of large wall clocks. For more details about each of these clocks, click on the individual product specifications.

Unique wall clocks

Apart from our standard wall clocks, we also provide clocks that are equipped with unique features. For example, our modern and stylish, multi-purpose wall clock not only tells you the exact time but is also equipped with a thermometer that displays temperature and humidity. We also have another clock where you do not have to keep a track of daylight savings anymore. You just have to set the clock to your time zone and then it takes care of the transition between summer and winter time automatically. Our 3D clock is ideal for adding a contemporary touch to any environment. We provide this timepiece with a unique design, large 3D numbers and silver coloured hands that contrast the black background. Please contact us for any further assistance. In addition to these, you can also browse through our other office accessories such as glass boards, notice boards and much more to ensure your workplace is equipped with everything you could need.