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Buy Varieties of Saddle Chairs in Ireland

In offices and other workplace environments, seating arrangements should be given appropriate attention as their main purpose is to provide comfort to the users. With so much innovation happening in the office furniture industry, a variety of cleverly-designed seating furniture, such as conference chairs, stools, saddle chairs, canteen chairs, etc., is being manufactured. These chairs are designed to be ergonomic and help provide substantial comfort to the user. Working in a comfortable manner is known to positively contribute towards good work productivity. For this reason, at AJ Products, we sell saddle chairs in Ireland, along with similar products such as saddle stools and active sitting chairs. For your better understanding, we have provided details about some of our specific ranges. Browse through our list of saddle chairs and stools, and buy the ones most suitable for your requirement.

Derby Saddle Stools and Chairs

Our Derby saddle stools and chairs provide ergonomic seating to the user. These products can be used as office chairs to help users vary their position as well as in areas such as canteen rooms and break rooms. Furthermore, these products are very useful in other workplaces such as health clinics, schools and hairdressers. You can choose from two types of seats: saddle stools or saddle chairs, which have a backrest attached. They can help you to reduce tension in the legs and shoulder muscles, prevent knee joint problems, improve blood circulation, etc. You can also easily move and shift your position from time-to-time while using these chairs. Along with such flexibility, you can also adjust the chair height and tilt to find the position most comfortable for you. These chairs are made with a durable and stylish synthetic leather or fabric-upholstered seat. For more details, just click on the product images.

Kingston Saddle Chair

At AJ Products, we also sell the Kingston saddle chair, which offers a slightly wider and more gently sloped seat than the one described above. This saddle seat can help you sit in a natural and relaxed manner. As the compact seat moves easily and does take up any more space than necessary, you can use these chairs to sit closer to your desk or work area than with a standard office chair. The seat is made of weather-resistant leather. Our Kingston saddle seat has a base made from recycled aluminium and is equipped with five castor wheels. The stool is height adjustable between 550mm and 710mm so that it can be easily adapted to the height of the person using it and their task. For more information, click on the individual product images on our saddle chairs page. As well as the ones described above, we also sell other similar saddle chairs and ergonomic stools. Moreover, we offer regular conference chairs, tables and other furniture products for office usage. To find out more, contact us through our online chat.