Key Cabinets for Security and Organization

Since 1975, AJ Products has remained focused on becoming the leading mail order company for office furniture, materials handling and storage solutions. We are committed to providing businesses with high quality products at competitive prices. Products that are elegant, durable and help businesses perform their functions. Our product range includes a wide array of storage solutions that fulfil various purposes. We provide shelves for warehouses, lockers for personal storage and a variety of cabinets to store files, documents and office supplies. Our product range also includes a selection of key cabinets.

Key Cabinets

Specifically designed to store keys, this type of cabinet helps businesses keep track of the various keys that are used in the workplace. They are often used in monitored car parks and at security desks. Mentioned below are a few of our key cabinet designs that businesses can purchase.

Large key cabinet

These are compact and practical metal key cabinets. They are made from hardwearing lacquered sheet metal. The cabinets are fitted with removable hook strips. Each of these strips has 10 hooks. Brackets inside the cabinet can be used to attach the strips and they can be moved around as required. Businesses can purchase individual hook strips as an accessory if additional storage is required.

Digital key safe

These key safes are available in a variety of sizes and can be used to keep keys safe in various environments like homes, shops and even industrial complexes. They are equipped with an easy-to-use, programmable electronic code lock. The lock is powered by four AA batteries and displays a warning light when the batteries are running low. The safes have a 55 x 35 x 15 mm deposits slot, which can be used to quickly deposit keys inside.

Emergency key cupboard

This sheet steel emergency key cupboard has been lacquered bright red to enhance its visibility. The cupboard has a single hook where an emergency key can be hung. The front of the cupboard has a thin breakable glass window. A small metal hammer, provided with the cupboard, can be used to gain access to the key in an emergency situation.