Height adjustable tables for stand-up meetings

Many businesses are designing standing meeting rooms where the attendees can stand at height adjustable tables. An adjustable conference table allows you the freedom to vary your position, ensuring that you don’t stay in an unhealthy stationary position for too long. Standing tables add life to the typical conference or meeting by allowing users to move around.

The Modulus range

Designed by AJ Products in-house designers, the latest addition to the Modulus series is a height-adjustable conference table that makes it easy to move between sitting and standing meetings. The electrically height-adjustable table is equipped with dual motors. With a simple push of a button, you can adjust the height of the table quickly and easily to switch between a sitting and a standing position. Combine the conference table with active sitting stools so you can have a semi-standing, forward-facing seating position. This leads to more active participation in the meeting itself.

Modern workspace with sit-stand conference tables

Standing conference rooms have become an essential part of modern office buildings, these provide a great (and productive) excuse for workers to stand up, move around, increase their blood circulation and feel healthier while collaborating with each other. Our range of height adjustable conference tables will complement almost any colour scheme. Furthermore, our modular range will allow you to add more units to the table if you need to make changes in the future.

Workplace wellness

Introducing wellness activities in your company can improve employee productivity and motivation. Furthermore, workplace wellness can enhance your reputation amongst future employees and reduce the amount of sick leave taken by the current workforce. Stand-up meeting tables can have a positive impact on workplace wellness. Creating a dynamic meeting room with flexibility in mind enables people to think flexibly too, encouraging the kind of out-of-the-box creative ideas that drive a company forward. For more specifications and product details, have a look at the products we have to offer. We can help you find the right conference room solution for your business. When have you chosen your sit-stand table, why not take the opportunity to check out the full range of office furniture here at AJ Products Ireland? You will find all the essential workplace products for any business needs from desks, office chairs and reception furniture to warehouse racking and material handling and lifting equipment. Order today for free delivery in Ireland.