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School Lockers for Efficient Storage

Lockers are commonly used as school storage furniture as they enable students to easily store their belongings like important folders, books or stationery. At AJ Products, we sell robust, durable and stylish lockers for schools, which are ideal for any student. Browse through our range and choose the ones that will suit your school the best. The following information briefly outlines some of our school lockers to give you a better understanding.

Elite Locker

AJ Products sells sturdy school lockers equipped with cylinder locks for security. You can choose these lockers from a wide range of colours and mix and match to suit your existing interiors. A welded and riveted construction ensures that the lockers have a strong framework. This makes them perfect for student storage purposes. We apply an anti-bacterial coating to these lockers so that germs are not so easily spread from pupil to pupil. You can also select stands and sloping tops as accessories. Moreover, we sell changing room benches that match the lockers.

Roz Student Locker

This is one of our most spacious and durable locker ranges and is well suited to regular use and the tough demands of a school. You can either select these lockers with doors made from laminate or made entirely from durable sheet steel. The locker’s frame is powder coated to ensure it withstands tough conditions. We provide these lockers with in-built shelves so that students can keep their books and other belongings in an organised manner. Beneath the shelves, a separate space is available for keeping school bags, helmets and other larger items. You have options to select these lockers with up to nine compartments in one unit depending on the model. These cabinets also have facilities for ventilation. At the time of purchase you can even choose the type of lock that best suits the locker to provide appropriate security. For more details about these lockers, go to our product pages and click on the individual product images.

Mini Z-Locker

As a part of our school furniture, you can also make use of these space-efficient lockers, which provide maximum storage while taking up minimal floor space. Their main USP is the design of the compartments, which provides a lot of storage space without the need for separate locker modules taking up a larger footprint. This means one locker module can be shared by multiple people. Make sure you understand the product specifications before making a purchase. As well as these school lockers, AJ Products also sells other storage systems such as mesh lockers, storage cabinets, clothes lockers, etc. Visit our individual product pages for more information.

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