Student storage units and cabinets

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Convenient student storage for the classroom

Every classroom needs to provide convenient student storage for pupils to store exercise books, pencil cases and library books so that they have a clear space on their desk to work with no distractions. Here you will find our range of student drawers and cubbys for the classroom, we also provide school lockers for secure and lockable storage of bags and personal belongings. Browse the AJ Products website to find the right option for your school.

Classroom drawers

For easy-to-access classroom storage for students, drawer units have always been a popular choice. You can assign each student with their own drawer to store their books and stationery so they can retrieve the things they need at the start of the lesson but don’t have to keep everything on their desk so that they have a clear workspace. This is also handy if you change the seating arrangement for different lessons.

Mobile phone storage cabinet

More and more schools are choosing to introduce a mobile phone ban throughout all or part of the school day. Those that do enact a ban need to offer a convenient and safe storage solution for the student’s phones while they work. A teacher locking storage cabinet for mobile phones can only be opened by the teacher or assistant at a time of their choice so that lessons can be taught without distractions. It features numbered compartments each with its own slot so phones can be placed in the cabinet by students without opening the main door. The transparent front of each compartment makes it easy to see who has left their phone in each compartment.

Teacher storage cabinet

As well as student storage, every classroom needs a lockable storage cabinet for school supplies that can controlled by the teacher to limit student access. A teacher's tray storage cupboard with Gratnell’s trays and shelves lets you store worksheets, exercise books, stationery, arts and craft materials and more in an organised way. AJ Products provides a wide assortment of storage solutions for all types of environments. Whether you need office storage cabinets, compartment lockers, metal shelving or desk drawers, we have the right option for your school or business. You can find our full range at Chat with us online if you can’t find what you need.

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