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Products that helps to vary your posture

Article Your body is naturally designed for movement, discover the best variation of movements to make throughout your work day.

Be active, feel good and treat yourself!

Article Feeling guilty about treating yourself? There are a number of ways to get some gentle exercise at work and still maintain a healthy balance.

Furniture that boosts your Creativity

Article It is a well-known fact that the working environment have an effect on how we feel at work. But can the right office furnishing also make us more creative, efficient and better at collaboration?

Get active in your workplace!

Article Work out your office, become an active office increasing your wellness in the workplace and becoming a healthy, happy organisation

Tips on how to work from home

Article In current circumstances more and more people are urged to try to work from home – and will soon discover that it may not be as comfortable as it sounds. Besides the ergonomic flaws of the home...

There is one product that you should never compromise on.

Article A good office chair follows the body's movements, reduces the risk of strain injuries and helps you sit properly, no matter how long you sit. In other words, a good office chair is crucia...
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