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Outdoor premises management

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Efficient Outdoor Premises Management with the Right Equipment


Along with offering office furniture to help your employees work comfortably indoors, AJ Products offers outdoor furniture and other equipment that is designed for outdoor use to improve your grounds. With our help, your outdoor premises can be used to create a designated smoking zone away from the office entrance, a secure parking area where your employees can store their bikes and much more. Our products help you manage your outdoor premises and make sure they are clean and well-maintained. Read more to learn about our different types of products for outdoor use so you can make the most of your grounds.

Outdoor rubbish disposal

Littered outdoor areas can leave a bad impression on your visitors, clients, employees and potential hires. In order to avoid this, we supply a variety of cigarette bins and litter bins. Providing waste bins is one of the simplest ways to ensure that rubbish is disposed of properly and the area remains clean. Choose whether litter bins, wheelie bins, mobile recycling bins or wall mounted bins will be most suitable for your space. Click on individual product specifications for more details about each of these products.

Outdoor bicycle rack

Setting up bike racks on your premises not only provides more secure and organised parking for staff that already cycle but also encourages your employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle. To do this, you should ensure you have enough bike racks and bicycle shelters for your employees. The size and number of bicycles that can be accommodated is different for every rack. If you are looking for a solution that can make optimum use of available space, opt for our wall-mounted or foldable bicycle stands. If you want to protect the bikes against wind and rain, our bicycle shelters are an ideal choice. Visit individual product pages for more product specifications.

Winter products and tarpaulins

Every year you have to prepare for potential snow and bad weather. This is important to prevent the car park, pathways and entrance to your office becoming slippery and hazardous. Make use of snow shovels and salt spreaders to get rid of snow in your entrance area. You can also make use of tarpaulins for covering your outdoor equipment and furniture to protect it from the elements. Browse through our wide range of parasols and tarpaulins to select a suitable one.
Along with this, you can check our outdoor sets for a complete outdoor solution. Contact us our sales team for any further assistance!