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If you are looking for simple ways to divide your desks, or you need an innovative way to utilise all of the space you have available, then our office screens are the best solution for you. Our range of screens is completely versatile to your needs, from where you want to place them, to giving you an option to pin up notes and pictures. Read on to learn more about the various types of office screens and their uses.

Office Floor Screens

With office floor screens, you can create a room within a room. They also absorb as much as sound possible and reduce sound disturbance, which negatively affects the working environment. Our floor screens are made with a solid wooden frame and specially-developed, sound-absorbing polyester filling made from recyclable material. The wooden frame is upholstered in a hardwearing fabric. You can use different types of connection fittings that can easily join the floor screens at different angles and combinations to build a longer screen wall. Our floor screens come in different colours as well, so you can choose the colour that matches your office furniture and reflects your office culture. You can also choose feet for your screen based on your requirement. With an array of different types, from adjustable T-shaped feet and U-shaped feet to feet with wheels for better accessibility and mobility, AJ Products meets all your needs.

Desk Screens

Give your employees a personalised workspace by separating desks with our flexible desk screens. Fairly compact but highly efficient, our desk screens reduce the overall noise level as they are SP-certified for sound absorption. This enables employees to focus on their tasks without any distractions. Desk screens are also more subtle than floor standing screen walls as a feature of the room without decreasing the screening effect. Moreover, some of our ranges allow you to also add shelves in different sizes, which can be used to create a space saving storage solution for the important things that need to be stored nearby. AJ Products also sells a host of accessories along with this product, such as desktop brackets and others.

Additional Uses

Office screens and partitioning are mainly used to utilise the space in a room to the fullest and for privacy. We provide these products and so much more. Our screens are not only designed to create visually-appealing rooms but also serve as whiteboards and notice boards. Besides office screens, we at AJ Products also sell a host of office and conference room furniture that improves workplace efficiency