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Buy Noise Reduction Panels and Screens

Excessive noise in the workplace can be extremely annoying. It also causes disturbances and makes it difficult for employees to focus on their work. We at AJ Products provide solutions that can help employees to focus better and improve their productivity. Noise reduction panels and screens are an excellent addition to your office furniture. They help to create a pleasant and peaceful working environment. We provide a variety of noise reduction panels and screens, some of which are described below.

Wall mounted noise absorbing panels

We sell various shapes of noise absorbing panels such as circles, triangles, hexagons, cylinders, squares and jigsaw pieces. They are available in various colours as well. This helps you to choose the wall mounted acoustic panels that best suit your office interiors. Some panels, such as the sound absorbent notice boards, serve multiple purposes and are decorative as well as functional. The wall mounted noise absorbing panels are available in a fire-resistant material and are A-rated for acoustics by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

Noise absorbing ceiling hanging panel

If you are looking for a state-of-the-art solution to reduce noise in large spaces, you should check out our noise absorbing ceiling hanging panels. Depending on the model chosen and the height of your room, these panels can be fixed to or suspended from your ceiling. They are available in a range of shapes and various colours. These panels are simple yet effective and can be used in canteens, waiting rooms, schools, pre-schools and reception areas. These panels are best suited for areas where the noise level is frequently high or causes an echo.

Study screen

If you are looking for effective office screens for your workplace, AJ Products offers noise reduction screens that can be used on computer desks for increasing focus and concentration at work. The study screens create a sound dampening effect and can also be suspended from walls to create a private booth. Along with offices, schools can also make use of this product to provide extra privacy for their students to be able to focus and concentrate better while studying.

Added benefits of noise reduction panels and screens

Along with the obvious feature of noise reduction, we at AJ Products provide a variety of other features that can help you choose the right noise reduction panels. A lot of our panels are made using fire-resistant materials and are durable. They are also light weight and easy to install. Some of our panels are created in a way that they can be used as notice boards. Schools looking to install these panels can choose fun shapes and colours for a lively décor. Installing noise reduction panels and screens at schools and offices can help create a quiet environment to help staff or students concentrate better.