Tambour cabinets and cupboards: the efficient office storage solution

An organised workspace is conducive to productivity, concentration and efficiency. It is essential for organisations to ensure that employees have access to proper storage solutions. If you're looking to save space in the office then tambour cabinets are the perfect solution. Thanks to their smart design, the doors slide into the cabinet rather than opening outwards so you can use them even in tight spaces!

Space-saving office furniture

Tambour cabinets are suitable for everything from office materials to archive boxes and ring binders. You can place several units’ side by side, in a corridor for example. Extra shelves are available as accessories so that the cabinet can be adapted to suit your exact needs.

Storage flexibility for your workplace

Organisation and efficiency are the backbones of any business, and there can be no efficiency without organisation. Our quality tambour furniture is designed to adapt to your needs. Some of the features of the cabinets include adjustable feet, which make them stable even on uneven surfaces, recessed handles and a cylinder lock supplied with two keys. The classic design means that our range of cabinets suits most environments, including offices, classrooms and archive rooms, and it can be easily combined with other furnishings.

From small to big

Our tambour cupboards come in various sizes, so depending on your office layout you will be able to find a size to fit your office. Besides size, we also offer various colours in these cabinets to match any and every office decor.

Alternatives to the tambour cupboards

We also offer other options for tight spaces such as sliding door cabinets. As opposed to conventional cupboards with doors that open outwards, our sliding door cabinets provide a great storage space while allowing minimum space utilisation. For more specifications and product details, have a look at the products we have to offer. We can help you find the right storage solution for your business. Free Ireland delivery is available on all orders.