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Flexible Office Storage Cabinets for Businesses

An organised workspace is conducive to productivity, concentration and efficiency. It is important for organisations to ensure that employees have access to proper storage solutions. If things are kept in their proper place, employees will not have to waste time looking for what they need. Since 1975 AJ Products has aimed to provide businesses with quality office furniture that is functional and durable. We offer a wide range of office storage cabinets, cupboards, bookcases and shelves to help businesses create a productive work environment where their staff can enjoy working. Given below is information about some of our product ranges.

Modulus Office Range

The Modulus range is our most flexible range of office products. Modules can be added to these office storage cabinets both upward and sideways to increase their capacity. The range includes the Modulus sliding cabinet, which can double as a room separator and help create privacy in the workplace. The Modulus sliding door cabinet is great for offices that want to make efficient use of space. The Modulus office storage cabinet has full doors and hidden storage. The range is made from easy-to-maintain laminate that is durable and is available in a variety of colours. Accessories like document trays, small shelf units, magazine display racks, a base frame and more can be added to create a custom storage solution that can fit any business’s unique storage needs.

Adeptus Office Range

Our Adeptus range of office products is made from high-quality laminate and veneer. The products are available in a variety of wood finishes. The range includes cabinets, bookcases and combination solutions for storage. Some of the cabinets come with a roller shutter that makes efficient use of space. Products in the Adeptus range have a classic design and, as such, can be used in a variety of work environments like classrooms, offices, etc.

Metal Storage Cabinets

We have a wide range of metal storage cabinets that are practical and stylish. Available in a variety of colours, they can be used in both offices and warehouses. Many of these cabinets have adjustable feet and, hence, can even be used on uneven surfaces. Our Vision cabinets are a good choice for those who need the items stored to remain visible. A great solution for workshops, this type of cabinet makes it easy for workers to find what they need without having to open several cabinets. Businesses that require ventilated storage solutions should consider our mesh door cabinets. We also have metal cabinets with sliding doors, plastic trays and more. We can help you find the right storage solution for your business. Leave us a message if you have any questions.