Burglary Safes and Security Safes to Protect Your Valuables

Every workplace needs proper storage solutions to protect its files, folders, sensitive documents and other valuables against unforeseen circumstances such as fire and burglary. At AJ Products, we offer a wide range of valuables storage such as robust safes that are available in various sizes and ideal for protecting valuables against fire and theft. Read the following to find out about the various types available and purchase the ones that suit your workplace requirements the most.

Security cabinets with electronic lock

Our cabinets are suitable for storing a large variety of items that range from personal belongings such as laptops and CDs to confidential company documents and other valuables. These types of cabinets are fitted with an LCD screen, motorised locking bolts and a recessed rotary handle that does not take a lot of space. We provide these cabinets with batteries for the code lock and a mechanical backup key lock in case of emergencies. You can either mount the cabinet on the wall or fix it to the floor. If you want a security cabinet without an electronic lock, you can check out our safes that come with key locks instead. For more details about the dimensions, material, security rating and price, please click on individual product specifications.

Burglary rated safes

Another type of storage cabinet that is suitable for effective theft protection is our burglary rated safes. Similar to our security cabinets, this type of safe also comes with electronic locks. As our safes are fire rated to 120P according to NT Fire 017, the paperwork stored inside will be protected against fire for up to 120 minutes. Along with this, our safes are also burglary tested according to the European standard for safes, EN 1143-1, and security classified in grades. The higher the grade, the larger the amount of money the insurance company will allow you to store in the cabinet! Browse through the different options to select suitable ones.

Safes for personal storage

Our personal effects safe requires minimal space and is available with four, six, or eight small compartments. This type of a storage solution is ideal for using in offices, gyms, restaurants and schools. Your staff members can use these compartments to store keys, passports, laptops and similar personal belongings or valuables. Each compartment in this safe comes with a battery powered lock and a back-up mechanical lock for emergency opening. These safes are prepared for anchoring to the wall. Along with safes, you can check out our fire protection cabinets, which are designed especially for protecting valuables against fire. Click on individual product pages for more details!