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Protect Documents with Fireproof Filing Cabinets

Fire can cause extreme damage to a workplace and vital documents. What’s more, companies often suffer from huge losses when the water used to put out the fire causes further damage. AJ Products has a range of fireproof cabinets and waterproof cabinets that can help businesses protect important documents and other possessions from fire. Given below are some more details about our fireproof cabinets:

A Variety of Sizes

Our fireproof cabinets come in multiple sizes and thus can be used for various purposes. These cabinets are not only useful for businesses who need to store documents like contracts or business records, but certain types can also be used in supermarkets, petrol stations, paint stores, hardware stores, etc. Moreover, the shelves in the cabinets are movable so they can be customised according to your requirements. Fireproof filing cabinets may also have adjustable rails for suspension file storage, which can be used for A4 or foolscap files.

Increased Security

While key locks and access codes might prevent unauthorised people from getting access to important documents, they will not help in protecting your documents in the event of a fire. Our fireproof cabinets can protect your documents for 30-120 minutes, depending on the type of the cabinet. Moreover, each drawer in our fireproof filing cabinet is fire-isolated, which means if one drawer is left open, items placed in other drawers won’t be affected. To deter thieves and burglars, most of our fireproof cabinets also come with a key or code lock.


Our fireproof cabinets are an all-in-one solution for your storage requirements. Money, paper documents, jewellery, antiques, CDs, etc.: all possessions remain safe in these cabinets. Moreover, our fire resistant chemical storage cabinets are built to protect flammable liquids and aerosols in the event of fire.

A host of accessories

We also provide a range of different accessories for our cabinets, depending on their use. For example, to increase product exposure, you can add a LED light in your fire resistant display cabinet. Moreover, for filing cabinets, you can add suspension files and label holders with labels. For more information on accessories and product specifications, you can visit individual product pages. Apart from fireproof filing cabinets, we also provide a host of products for storage such as key storage cabinets, tools storage cabinets and others. For any further questions or assistance, feel free to contact us.