Baby changing tables for nurseries

Baby changing tables are a simple and effective way to make nappy changing easier for nurseries that take children from infancy. Adequate changing facilities are an essential piece of nursery furniture in any childcare centre that accepts children still in nappies to make the changing process as quick as possible and minimise the amount of lifting childcare professionals have to do. A range of tables are available from AJ Products including height adjustable options, wall-mounted tables and even ones with in-built sinks.

Wall mounted changing table

Wall-mounted changing tables are ideal for public settings such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels, leisure facilities, etc. A foldable changing table takes up very little space so it can fit in a normal public bathroom if there is no room to provide separate baby changing facilities. Models available at AJ Products can be folded up and down with one hand and automatically lock with a snap lock when closed.

Baby changing table with storage

In-built storage within easy reach of the changing table will make it much quicker to get nappies changed. Wire mesh baskets allow you to keep and separate nappies, wipes, baby lotion and spare clothes directly at the workstation so you have everything you need close at hand.

Height-adjustable baby changing table

An electrically height-adjustable changing table makes it easy to set the correct working height for the adult supervisor so that they are not bending over in uncomfortable positions. It also means that toddlers can climb onto the table when it is lowered to floor level and be lifted to the right height by the changing unit, preventing staff from having to lift the child up onto the platform. It is easy to operate with a handheld control.

Baby changing unit with sink

It important for staff to be able to get cleaned up quickly and properly after changing a child’s nappy to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria in the nursery. A changing unit with a built-in sink can be plumped in as one unit so that you can change the baby and wash your hands in one place. Look for easy-to-clean options that come complete with a mattress free from phthalates and PVC. Once you have chosen the right baby changing unit for your day care centre, browse the extensive range of other nursery furniture available from AJ Products, including naptime beds, preschool tables and chairs, child safety gates and play furniture.