Folding school dining tables

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Folding school dining tables

Our products are made from quality materials with intelligent design and manufactured to withstand the challenges of school dining room areas. Folding canteen tables are an excellent choice for large dining areas that see a lot of traffic. They are lightweight so you can easily store and transport them once folded. They are ideal for many different locations and purposes from canteens and dining areas to outdoor events, community projects, school fêtes and many more.

Practical foldable tables

Our folding tables are easy to set up and take down as and when they are needed. The tables are perfect when more space is required for additional seating or temporary activities. Use one table or place several tables next to each other to create a larger usable area. Furthermore, by choosing a table with a folding frame, you can use the room more often as you can quickly and easily rearrange or remove the furniture.

Easy-to-store school canteen furniture

One significant benefit of choosing the foldable tables is how convenient and straightforward is to store this type of canteen furniture. This allows any educational institution to utilise the canteen space in multiple ways without too much trouble or effort. The Contour range of folding tables is excellent if you wish to add a splash of colour to your school or college canteen as these practical, fold-away tables are available in a vast range of colours and numerous sizes for infants to adults. The easy-to-clean laminate tops are hardwearing and have aluminium edging and protective, rounded corners for safety: perfect for the school environment.

Accessories for collapsible tables

When purchasing these tables, be sure to also check out some of our accessories, such as table trolleys, big foot sets, the fast folding tool and many more. The table trolleys can help you efficiently transport folded canteen tables. The separate big foot set can help you avoid table legs sinking into the grass if used outdoors and also protect soft floors from getting damaged. For quicker folding and unfolding of tables, the fast fold folding tool is a simple and efficient solution. This tool provides you with extra leverage while folding the tables, making it both quicker and much more manageable! Contact us if you need more product information. As part of our commitment to assist public sector organisations, AJ Products offers schools, colleges and universities in Ireland instant credit approval. This allows staff members to order directly through our website or by phone. You can contact our online sales team for any assistance while shopping through the chat facility.