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Schools & Education

Buy Furniture for School and Education Environments


Students learn better in an environment that supports their growth and development. Hence, at AJ Products, we aim to provide quality furniture not just for offices, workshops and warehouses, but also for educational environments such as schools, pre-schools and colleges. Our modern range of furniture for schools and educational institutions is designed to stimulate students and provide a comfortable environment that can foster learning. Read the following points to learn about the types of school and education furniture available for different spaces, and purchase the options that best suit your requirements.

Cloakroom and corridor furniture

Corridors are communal areas where students congregate throughout the day. To make sure this space is well-equipped, buy our school lockers. This helps ensure your students can access their books and gym kit easily when needed. Some schools may prefer cloakrooms, which are an ideal solution for young kids to keep their coats and other personal belongings in one place.

Preschool furniture

Our wide range of pre-school furniture is especially designed to make it easy for kids to do things for themselves and encourage a sense of independence, while also keeping them safe. Our furniture range is suitable for pre-schools, nurseries and crèches. Choose from furniture for a baby changing room, naptime area, storytime corner and much more, all with a focus on child safety.


Alongside learning, children also need time to relax and play. We provide play furniture that is designed to stimulate young minds, encourage children to develop their motor skills and help them learn about the world around them. This furniture includes foam pits, cubes, motor skills hanging walls units, building blocks and much more.


Your classroom is not complete without a writing board to assist with teaching. We provide different types of boards that are suitable for different purposes. For example, our portable flip chart easel is ideal for drama or art studios, whereas a whiteboard is suitable for most classrooms. Click individual product pages to find out more about our presentation equipment.

Noise reduction

Classrooms can get noisy and this noise can negatively impact on a child's ability to concentrate. To reduce the overall noise level, we offer sound-absorbing acoustic panels that can be hung from the wall or ceiling. We have designed these panels in a way that is fun and eye-catching for the children. Some of these can even double up as notice boards.

School library furniture

Whether you have a proper library or just a dedicated corner to store books, we provide furniture that can suit your needs. This includes double-sided bookcases, book trolleys, magazine display towers and more. If you need any more details or assistance in selecting suitable furniture items for your school, please contact us.