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Chemical Storage Cabinets for Safe Storage

Pesticides, chemicals, acids, synthetic fertilisers, radioactive waste, etc. are substances that are produced and dealt with in warehouses, factories, laboratories, chemical plants and other such workplaces. These substances are deemed to be hazardous if exposed to humans and to the outdoor environment. Some of these substances may also be flammable, corrosive, foul smelling or pollutive . In order to avoid such issues, it is necessary for businesses to store these substances with utmost care and safety. For these reasons, at AJ Products, we sell hazard-free chemical storage cabinets, which are exclusively designed for secure and safe storage of the substances mentioned above. Browse through the selection to gain more information about product specifications so that you can choose the best ones for your requirements.

Hazardous Substance Cabinet

If you have a business where there is a need to safely keep chemicals, paints and other hazardous substances, then you have come to the right place. At AJ products, you can find the perfect storage solution as we sell robust cupboards with leak proof bases, which also conform to HSG51 Ireland guidelines. These cabinets are heavy duty, powder-coated steel units, which have reinforced doors, adjustable shelves and many other security features. You can have a look at a wide range of storage cabinets that are available in different sizes and shapes. Some models have a single door, whereas others are made with a double door system. We also make these cabinets in a ‘mini’ form, along with additional options such as the ability to stack them or move them from place to place.

Fire Resistant Storage Cabinets

Workplaces such as factories, workshops and warehouses are considered to be at a high risk of fire. This is because a variety of hazardous and flammable substances such as chemicals, acids, etc. may be used on a daily basis. To avoid damages that result from fire, browse through some of our fire resistant cabinets. Equipped with state-of-the art ventilation ducts that are tested in Sweden, these cabinets are fitted with fire-resistant insulation (that complies with ISO 1182 regulations) along with double steel plated construction. Additionally, the entire surface is covered with flameproof powder coating. You can also use fireproof filing cabinets, wherein confidential and sensitive data can be securely stored. You can add extra shelves to the cabinets as accessories. Click on the different fire resistant storage cabinet types and select the desired one.

Other Products

Apart from these, we also sell other safety cabinets such as hazardous floor chests, COSSH cabinets, pesticide storage cabinets, document storage boxes and others. You can select cabinets with different numbers of shelves: the minimum is 1 whereas the maximum is 4. AJ Products sells these hazardous cabinets in colours to match current Ireland guidelines. Have a look at our cabinet sections to gain more information about these products. Contact us if you need help choosing the right hazardous storage cabinets or if you have any question about our products.