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Safe drum storage to prevent spills and accidents

Safe and secure drum storage solutions prevent spills and leaks from causing accidents in the workplace or damage to the surrounding environment. Whether you need to store one barrel or numerous drums, whisky or hazardous chemicals, the right storage option can make your work safer and more efficient. Browse our full range online.

Prevent spills with the right drum storage

A spill containment tray collects any spills or leaks from the drum to protect both the environment and the workplace from potentially harmful chemicals. By standing drums upright on a drum sump pallet, you can store them on pallet racking or in allocated zones within the warehouse or workplace. Alternatively you can use a spill guard to turn a normal pallet into a safe way to store drums.

Efficient storage with a drum rack

For businesses that handle large numbers of barrels, a drum rack will allow for more efficient storage. Drums are stored on their side and can be stacked to make better use of vertical space. Place a sump tray underneath to collects spills. Alternatively, lockable drum storage cabinets offer a secure solution for drums containing hazardous substances.

Mobile drum storage

If you require frequent access to the drum contents then a drum trolley that also doubles up as a storage pallet is a convenient solution. This type of trolley allows you to move the barrel to where it is needed, lock the castors to keep the trolley stationary during loading and unloading and store the drum safely without having to move it onto a separate spill containment tray while in use or lift it back onto your drum racking system between uses. The trolley comes with an integrated sump so that any spills from the drum will seep through the mesh grid base and be contained in the spill tray. In addition to safe drum storage, AJ Products also offers a wide range of drum handling equipment so you can find the right drum stacker or drum grabber to help you transport barrels safely and securely. Looking for pallet racking that can be converted to store drums? Give our customer service team a call. We provide free and fast delivery to mainland Ireland and can arrange a site visit if you need help with product suggestions and planning.