Trolleys, sack trucks & casters

Trolleys and Trucks for Material Handling

Material handling is required in industrial, commercial and office environments. Proper material handling can help businesses eliminate accidents, reduce stress and effort, and minimise the time spent on storage and distribution. To ensure goods handling is both safe and efficient, a business must have a well thought-out process and it should train its employees to implement this process effectively. Another key component is the equipment. The right dollies, trolleys and trucks can make it easier for employees to move materials around. AJ Products has a range of wheeled transport solutions that can be used in industrial and commercial environments. Our range provides businesses with versatility and superior manoeuvrability. Our products are durable, crafted with care and of high quality.

Transport Trolley

These trolleys can be used to move both heavy and light loads. They come in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate exceptionally large or long loads if necessary. They have sturdy wheels that can be used in a variety of demanding environments such as construction sites, warehouses, factories and nurseries. Our range includes trolleys with flat beds, high sides and mesh panel kits.

Pallet Truck

Pallet trucks help increase material handling efficiency. They can be used to lift goods off the ground, stack them and move them from one location to another. Pallets have standard dimensions and hence the pallet truck is very versatile piece of equipment that is essential in almost any warehouse. Our pallet trucks have a load capacity from200 kg up to 2500 kg with standard and high lift versions available. Our trucks are easy to manoeuvre and have value-adding features like rubber coated handles that give workers a more comfortable grip.

Platform Trolley

These robust trolleys can be very useful in warehouses. Our trolleys have a load capacity between 120 and 700 kg. You can choose trolleys with wheels that have pneumatic rubber, solid rubber and super elastic rubber treads. They are available in many different sizes and materials. Our trolleys are available both with and without brakes.