Safety and security

Keep children safe in the preschool with child safety equipment

As every parent knows, with young children many everyday objects can pose a safety risk. In preschools and nurseries staff are responsible for keeping kids safe from harm. As well as choosing the right preschool furniture, it is important to child proof the facilities with child safety equipment such as safety gates, door finger guards and door stops.

Child safety gates

A metal or wooden baby gate is a simple but effective way to keep young children out of certain rooms or off staircases. They lock securely to prevent kids getting through but are easy for adults to open. We recommend a baby gate with no fixed floor bar at the bottom to provide unobstructed passage and avoid trip hazards when open. For larger gaps, such as double doorways, an extra wide baby gate is available.

Door finger guards for school and nursery

A door hinge guard is essential to prevent trapped fingers: a commonplace injury among small children. It is a handy piece of safety equipment in any nursery, preschool or infant school. Options are available to work with all types of doors including interior doors and heavy external doors so that you can find an effective door finger protector for any entranceway. Door stops are also available to stop doors slamming shut.

Corner protectors

Foam corner protectors protect children from injuries from any sharp edges or corners in the preschool, both external corners of walls and those on furniture. Fun designs, such as the pencil version available at AJ Products, make a practical safety detail a standout feature that kids enjoy. At AJ Products we offer a huge selection of preschool furniture with rounded corners and safe materials to create a healthy and safe learning environment for young children. Browse our nursery classroom furniture, phthalate-free soft play selection, library furniture and more. All with free delivery in Ireland.