Retail Display Solutions for Businesses

For retail businesses, it is important to display products effectively in order to attract potential customers. AJ Products offers a range of retail display solutions such as sandwich boards and pavement signs, dump bins and retail shelving as well as kick-steps, and shop trolleys and baskets that can help enhance your customers' experience. Read the following to learn more about the types of retail display solutions we offer and choose the ones that best suit your requirements.

A Boards

Our A board stands are durable and made with a sturdy steel or aluminium frame. They help you display your products, special offers and opening hours easily. Many of the options are collapsible, which makes it easy to store them when not in use. Buy A board and pavement signs from AJ Products to enhance your front-of-shop advertising.

Dump bins

Our wide range of dump bins and wire baskets is ideal for retail stores. They allow you to easily display all your bulky products such as footballs, basketballs, hats, folders, notebooks and much more so that they are visible to your customers. They help you save space and display all your products efficiently. You can visit individual product listings for more details about dump bins and wire baskets.

Retail shelving

At AJ Products, you can find retail shelving units that are ideal for displaying and storing clothes and other merchandise. These shelves are not only useful for displaying clothes but can also be used for storing food items. Retail shelves provide sufficient storage space without making your shop look untidy or disorganised. They are easy to clean and options are available that can be placed in cold rooms too, thus making them ideal for storing food items.


Our practical and functional kick-steps are ideal to help you access higher shelves in stockrooms. The lightweight step-stool can be easily moved around and is equipped with spring-loaded wheels that glide easily across all surfaces. The wheels retract as soon as someone steps on, providing stability. Our kick-steps are available in plastic and steel. Read more product specifications by clicking on individual product images.