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A boards and sign stands for effective visual communication

Visual displays are a simple and effective way to communicate with customers, clients and visitors. Browse our range of pavement signs, lockable notice boards and floor sign stands to share information quickly in busy public areas.

Communicate quickly and effectively with an A board

An A frame board is a popular way to advertise offers and deals to customers as they pass by your shop or restaurant. A lightweight, aluminium A board is easy to move around so you can bring it inside at the close of business, but the material will withstand being placed outdoors all day without rusting. Alternatively, a black A board is a sleek and stylish option. It is made from steel with a durable, powder coated finish and rainproof plastic display window. Pavement signs are also an easy way to display opening hours, menus and other important information.

Protect notices with lockable displays

A lockable display cabinet is a useful tool in any reception area or communal space to share important notices or details of upcoming events with staff or visitors. It prevents people from tampering with the messages displayed and prevents water and dirt getting in and making the notices less visible. A lockable glass display cabinet is ideal for use in schools, public buildings, shops, offices, etc. where lots of people pass by.

Make essential information easy to see with a sign stand

An information stand is ideally suited for use in hotel foyers, museums, cafés and restaurants, trade fairs, conferences, showrooms – in fact, anywhere you want to get your message across quickly and clearly. A floor standing sign holder can be easily moved and placed wherever you need it, such as in lobby to direct guests to the right room or outside a conference room to present the schedule or seating plan. As well as display stands, AJ Products has a wide range of whiteboards, noticeboards, glass writing boards and flip chart easels to ensure effective visual communication in all areas of your business. We offer free and fast delivery in Ireland.