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Shopping Trolleys for Retail Businesses and Other Workplaces

Do you want to provide help to your customers for carrying purchased goods? Or do you need transportation devices that can help you move items from one place to another in your work environment? Then you have come to the right place, as AJ Products manufactures as well as sells trolleys that can be used for material handling processes. We make the devices to provide convenience for the customers of your retail business no matter what type of goods you sell. For more information, check out our trolley range.

Basket Trolleys

We sell easy-to-manoeuvre basket trolleys that work well for office businesses as well as for retail shops. Keep a bunch of these shop trolleys in your stores and make it convenient for customers to load up their purchased items, thus promoting easier handling. The trolley has space for two baskets, which makes itgreat for customers in shops, who find it difficult to carry multiple filled baskets. Apart from shops, you can also use these as picking trolleys or general purpose trolleys for moving small items in workplaces. This transport trolley is provided with four swivel castors and has a maximum capacity of 60kg. We sell the baskets separately as accessories and you can choose them in different colours. For more specifications, click on the product details.

Platform Trolleys

We sell robust platform trolleys that are suitable for transporting goods in most workplaces, as well as DIY stores and garden centres; they are especially suitable for long items. The trolleys are made with galvanised metal frames and a sturdy plywood base. They have sturdy side bars that keep the load secure on the platform and prevent the goods from falling off. The trolley can be nested, meaning that you can store several trolleys pushed together, thus helping save space. Keep in mind that, in order to nest them, the trolleys must be the same. We have equipped these trolleys with four castors made from solid rubber, which can help you easily move them. The trolleys have a capacity of 250kg.

Nesting Stock Trolley

Another type of trolley sold by us is the nesting stock trolley. These are especially suitable for carrying both large and small items from one place to another on one cart. The trolleys have an electro-galvanised finish. The top shelf is suitable for lighter items and can be set in three positions, or else can be folded away, as required. Larger and heavier goods can be placed on bottom shelf. The trolleys have a capacity of 300kg on their lower shelf and 100 kg on the upper shelf. You can also store the trolleys nested together to save space. Apart from these transport devices, AJ Products also sells other trolleys and trucks such as sack carts, pallet trucks, wheelbarrows, mesh trolleys, etc. which be used in different work environments for material handling processes. For more details, browse through our product pages.