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PVC strip curtains provide an effective barrier to protect against fumes, dust, draughts and even noise. They are recommended for a range of different applications: in factories to reduce noise, warehouses to keep the heat in or out, shops to separate the shop floor from the stockroom and in any number of other environments. At AJ Products, we sell full rolls of 50 metres directly on our website but can also supply made to measure curtains, which will be customised to your specifications to make it easier for you to fit them. Please call our sales team if you require any assistance and we will provide you with a tailored quote. The strip curtains available from AJ Products are made from high quality, low toxic, cadmium-free PVC, which offers extremely good clarity and consistency of colour. The PVC is REACH compliant and UV stabilised for a longer life. It is suitable for temperatures from -15°C to +50°C. An option is also available for low-temperature applications, such as walk-in freezers and refrigerated vehicles, which is suitable down to -40°C. The curtains can be cut and fitted to suit internal or external doorways and pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic. Welding strip curtains are recommended for any area where welding takes place to separate that area from the rest of the workplace, protecting staff without safety gear outside the designated workstation from the bright light and any sparks. The welding screen meets standard ISO EN 25980 and is suitable for use with internal pedestrian and forklift traffic. A noise-reducing industrial screen can improve health and safety in the workplace by suppressing and absorbing unwanted noise in environments where noise levels can easily become too high or where employees are exposed to hazardous noise. An acoustic screen can be used to screen off loud machinery so that noise is reduced at the source. Contact AJ Products via our online chat, email or phone to discuss your specific requirements or receive a quote for made-to-measure screens. Our trained sales team are happy to help. We also sell a wide range of barriers systems to improve workplace safety and security including belt barrier posts, mesh fencing panels, crowd barriers and other safety equipment.