Improve security with an industrial mirror

Industrial mirrors are important in a range of settings to help prevent accidents and reduce the risk of theft. They are a simple and cost-effective way to provide security personnel, floor supervisors or shop managers a good overview of the area for which they are responsible. Browse the range of robust observation mirrors available at AJ Products.

Reduce vehicular collisions

Traffic mirrors are an effective way to prevent vehicular accidents involving cars, lorries or even forklift trucks by giving drivers a better view of oncoming traffic. This could be in a car park with tight turns, a busy loading bay or warehouse aisles. If the entrance to your premises is concealed or on a bend, a driveway mirror is a simple way to make it easy for drivers to see what is coming. Some mirrors also come with a high-visibility light-reflective frame that works as a hazard warning to alert drivers to potential dangers. Whether the vehicles belong to your business, your staff or visitors, the fewer accidents on your premises the better.

Prevent criminal damage

A wide angle mirror is ideal for monitoring and surveillance in retail shops, warehouses, car parks and similar. A convex mirror that provides a 180° field of view gives security personnel a good overview of the whole area, including hidden corners and aisles, to help prevent shoplifting or vandalism as well as accidents. At AJ Products, we also offer mirror domes, which are mounted on the ceiling to give a 360° overview. This type of mirror is made of durable acrylic to withstand heavy-duty environments and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Promote a safer warehouse environment

Fitting a mirror in the warehouse is an effective way to reduce workplace accidents. With both pedestrians and forklifts moving around, the risk of collision is high. Placing an observation mirror in tight aisles will give forklift operators better visibility to prevent collisions with pallet racking while placing one so operators can see around corners at the end of aisles will help protect workers on foot. At AJ, we have a wide assortment of health and safety equipment designed to prevent workplace accidents and increase security. These effective solutions range from hazard warning signs and line marking tape to safety cones and barrier systems. You can contact us via our online chat or by phone for advice on the most suitable safety products for your business.