Manual and hydraulic lift tables for heavy goods handling

Lift heavy loads into a more ergonomic working position with the range of lifting equipment available at AJ Products. Choose a scissor table, lift trolley or pallet positioner to suit your needs with a choice of manual or hydraulic models available depending on the weight of the loads you need to lift.

Facilitate heavy lifting with a hydraulic lift table

A sturdy lift table assists work in settings involving heavy lifting operations such as in assembly, repair or engineering departments. A hydraulic lift table helps to make your work easier and more efficient while relieving you of the strain that comes with heavy manual lifting. Adjusting the height of the table is fast and easy with the aid of the hand-held control box. The models available at AJ Products can handle loads of up to 4,000 kg.

Combine lifting and transport with a mobile scissor lift

Combining all the benefits of a manual lift table with a trolley, this handy mobile lift table helps to make your work easier and more efficient while reducing the risk of strain injuries. Adjusting the table's height is fast and easy with the aid of the hand-held manual crank. The trolley is easy to move into position while braked castors make it possible to lock the lifting table in place and prevent it rolling away.

Improve manual loading with a pallet positioner

This safe and easy-to-use pallet positioner automatically maintains optimum loading height for manual loading and unloading. The table lowers or raises gradually depending on whether load is applied or removed. When a loaded pallet is placed on the lift table, the load height gradually increases as the goods are unloaded from the pallet. The unit also works in reverse and lowers gradually when more weight is applied. This automatically provides a suitable working height for the top layer of the pallet that is being loaded or unloaded. At AJ Products we have a huge selection of handling and lifting equipment including pallet trucks, machine skates, stacker trucks, platform trolleys and much more. We even have a mast lift to facilitate working at heights! Choose the right equipment for your needs based on load capacity, where it will be used and the height you need to reach. Browse our wide range online or contact our customer service team for their expert advice.