Stacker Truck for Lifting Loads

At AJ Products, you can get your hands on some of the best tools for lifting loads from simple equipment, such as a sack truck, to a powered load mover, such as a stacker truck. Our machines are made with utmost quality and working precision. These machines have varying load capacities, sizes, lifting heights and other specifications depending on the model. Choose the most appropriate truck depending on your requirement. Go through the information summarised below to get an overall idea about the truck you want to buy.

Manual Stacker Truck

Have a look at our manual stacker truck that helps to stack pallets efficiently. This machine can also function as a pallet truck or a lifting table. You can easily manoeuvre the truck and we have also equipped it with a convenient foot brake. The wheels are made from lightweight nylon that makes it easier to operate the truck smoothly on even floors with heavy loads. Our stacker trucks are CE marked. For more details, read the description given below each product image.

Compact Stacker Truck

Check out our powered stacker truck that can be used for picking, loading and unloading of pallets in the warehouse and other demanding environments. The trucks are designed for pedestrian use. We have equipped them with ergonomically designed steering arms with controls that can be easily accessed. The steering arms of these machines are offset, helping the operators to easily walk beside the truck and thus improving safety and visibility. This can also help reduce the risk of foot injuries. Even though the machine is compact in size, the truck is efficient and stable. It has a safety switch built into the handle that protects the operator against crush injuries. The truck’s motor works on alternating current, thus making the truck safe and responsive while still ensuring that high efficiency and low power consumption can be maintained. Read more information on the product’s page.

Electric Mini Stacker

If you want to invest in smaller lifting machines, we just have the right type of product for you! The electric mini stacker can be used as a lifting table and for transportation purposes. You can easily adjust the lifting height with the help of a control lever. We supply a battery and a charger with the stacker truck. Even though the machine is compact, it has a weight capacity of several hundred kilograms. The truck comes with two fixed castors at the front and two swivel castors at the rear. The swivel castors help you to steer the truck smoothly. In addition to the stacker trucks highlighted above, we also provide battery stacker trucks, pedestrian stacker trucks, light duty stackers, etc. Browse through the product pages carefully to understanding the specifications, and don’t hesitate to contact us before you buy for more assistance or information.