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Machine Skates for Efficient Transportation of Goods and Equipment

Transportation of goods and equipment is an essential aspect of energy-intensive environments like warehouses, factories and manufacturing plants. To undertake this task, it is necessary for workers to use specific devices such as trolleys, dollies, machine skates, etc. At AJ Products, we sell various types of machine skates that are apt for utilisation in demanding environments. These skates are a good investment for businesses who want to transport heavy machines and equipment on a regular basis. Some of our skate models on offer are explained below.

Machine Skates

We sell regular machine skate options that can be used for transporting heavy machines and other large loads. These devices are made of steel that has been powder coated. Our machine skates offer high durability and load capacity. Moreover, due to their ribbed surface, the load is prevented from sliding off while the skates are moving. The wheels, which are made of nylon, are highly resistant to water, oils, solvents and other similar substances. For more information, click on the various machine skate product images present in the trolleys and trucks section of our website.

Transportation Dollies

Along with transport trolleys for efficient transportation in warehouses, we sell a variety of compact and powerful dollies, which are fitted with rotating platforms, fixed rollers, steering rods and a variety of other valuable features. The rotating platform makes the dollies easily manoeuvrable around corners and on ramps. The dollies are made from steel, which is powder coated. This makes them sufficiently durable for the material handling tasks for which they are designed. The fixed rollers provide low rolling resistance while the machine skate is being moved as they are made from polyurethane. The rollers are also resistant to oil, grease and chemicals. Some of these dollies are also fitted with steerable rods, which help to easily control the device while it is being used for transporting machines and other large and heavy items. The rod is also provided with ergonomic grips, which help workers to easily handle the dolly and its load.

Adjustable machine skates

AJ Products also sells machines skates that come in pairs with an adjustable feature allowing you to adapt the distance between them. The two machine skates are linked with steel rods. The adjustment can be made with the help of the steel rods along which the machine skates can be moved in and out and set as per the requirement. The linking rods can also be removed if required, making it possible for you to use the skates individually. These devices come with fixed nylon rollers and have a rubber clad top. Apart from these machine skates, at AJ Products, we also sell other transportation systems such as platform trolleys, mesh trolleys, dollies, etc. Contact us for more details about our products.