Warehouse identification

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Warehouse signs for an efficient and safe work environment

Warehouse safety signs are essential to prevent accidents in busy work environments and create an organised warehousing system. The right warehouse sign can be used to mark clearly which goods are stored in which pallet space, signal in which direction pedestrian and/or forklift traffic should move and highlight hazards. From label holders and document frames to safety and floor signs, AJ Products has everything you need to help your warehouse run safely and efficiently.

Warehouse identification labels

Essential in any warehouse, stockroom or archive, label holders help identify goods on shelving and racking so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. A magnetic label holder is ideal for applications where regular changes are required as they are easy to remove and do not leave any residue on the beams. A magnetic holder is also suitable for use in cold storage areas. On the other hand, a self-adhesive label holder works well as a long-term fixing option, providing a more secure solution in environments where labels need to be changed frequently as you can simply slip the label out the holder without the holder coming detached from the beam.

Document holders

Document frames can be used throughout the warehouse for any number of different display needs from health and safety signs to insurance certificates, inventories and staff notices. They ensure that important paperwork and notices are displayed clearly and kept clean. A magnetic document holder is suitable for both permanent and temporary notices as it is easy to remove and relocate on steel surfaces, so you can move the documents to wherever they’re needed. Thanks to the placement of the magnets, you can easily insert and remove documents without having to move the frame. A self-adhesive option is ideal for glass doors, windows or partitions so that documents can be seen from both sides.

Safety floor signs

The right floor sign can drastically reduce the risk of accidents and injuries by providing essential warnings. Simple floor signals, such as T, L, +, circle, arrow and feet floor markers, also help to keep a warehouse or stockroom organised, indicating walkways, directing forklift traffic and delimiting pallet storage areas. Using floor markers in conjunction with other health and safety signs and the appropriate personal protective equipment will keep your staff safe and ensure your workplace complies with health and safety regulations. As well as warehouse markers, AJ Products offers a wide range of hazard warning signs, safety tape, floor signs and more to draw attention to dangers in the workplace. We also provide warehouse bollards, mesh partitioning and perimeter barriers to improve safety and security. You can view our full range of 20,000 products online at ajproducts..ie.