Buy reliable weighing scales for the warehouse

Whether you are looking for a precise parcel scale for small packages or pallet scales for industrial weighing, you will find the right weighing scales for warehouse use at AJ Products. We offer balances that measure as precisely as to the nearest 0.1 g as well as others that handle loads up to 10,000 kg. They offer a range of functions including parts counting, percent weighing and check weighing. Browse the specifications to find the right one for your business.

Use a crane scale for heavy loads

A heavy-duty hanging scale lets you weigh substantial loads that are difficult to handle easily and safely thanks to remote control operation and a 360° rotational hook that can be easily moved into position. A display hold function allows you to see the value on the display once the weight has been removed. On our website you can find options that will weigh loads up to 10 tonnes.

Weigh heavy and bulky goods with large platform scales

A large platform scale is ideal for heavy-duty general weighing of large and bulky palletised goods up to three tonnes. These scales can also be used for parts counting, percentage and comparative weighing, auditing and batching items. They are ideal for use in warehouses and on factory floors for shipping and receiving goods, processing stock and ensuring uniformity. A model is available with ramped sides to make it easy to load and unload pallet trucks, trolleys, drums and wheelchairs for weighing.

Weight pallets more easily

Weigh goods on pallets prior to shipping or storage on pallet racking with heavy-duty steel pallet truck scales that can handle loads of up to 2000 kg. These scales offer a handy two-in-one solution as they can be used both for weighing and transport, saving time and improving efficiency. They are perfect for on-the-move industrial weighing in warehouses, on the production floor or in the shipping department. We also offer pallet beam scales for businesses that prefer to keep the two functions separate so that the balances are always available for weighing. If you can’t find a digital weighing scale that suit your needs or you need help understanding the specifications, our expert customer service team are here to help. You can chat with us online, email us your requirements or call us to speak with an advisor.