Roller Conveyors

Roller conveyor system

Roller conveyors facilitate the transport of a wide variety of goods from crates, boxes and parcels to pallets. They are a great addition to any warehouse and business that has a large number of products that need to move quickly over long distances. This type of transport system also reduces the amount of manual handling required, protecting employees from workplaces injuries. Roller conveyors are an excellent transport system, and our ranges are easy to install and maintain.

Flexible roller conveyor with adjustable length and height

Our roller conveyors are easy to adapt to the situation and workflow, creating flexible packaging and assembly lines. You can shape the conveyor according to your wishes, for example, in an S-curve while the height-adjustable stand allows you to set a comfortable working height. The flexible conveyor not allows you to work around obstacles but also pushes together for compact storage when not in use. Furthermore, as the roller conveyor has wheels, it is easy to move into position. Options are available with rollers or skate wheels.

Heavy-duty steel rollers for your roller conveyor

Durable steel rollers are great for many industries that require a sturdy and reliable roller system. Steel roller conveyors are perfect for businesses that need easy-to-clean transport systems and provide a high-performance rolling solution. We also have roller conveyors that have PVC and nylon rollers, which are also exceptionally hard-wearing and may be better suited to some applications.

Non-powered roller conveyor

Our range of gravity roller conveyors moves the load without utilising motor power sources, usually down an incline or through a person pushing the weight along a flat conveyor. This type of transport system is an effective and economical method of transferring items. Our products have capacities ranging from 80 kg to 1000 kg, perfect for a wide range of items. Whether you have a small warehouse, busy distribution centre or large production plant, we have everything you need to handle and store your goods efficiently from manufacturing to despatch. Shelving, pallet racking, waste sorting, manual lifting equipment, the list goes on.