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Packing Tables

AJ Products offers a variety of packing tables and assembly tables for quick and convenient wrapping of outgoing goods and assembly work. Use our packing workstations for an efficient, clean and tidy work area.

Cargo: the complete worktable

The Cargo packing table range was designed by AJ Products in collaboration with five students from the Industrial Department of Material Sciences at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. In line with the growing e-commerce industry, AJ Products saw a need for a flexible product that could facilitate the manual handling and packaging of goods. The Cargo range can easily be customised for different users and tasks. One significant feature was the pull-out units and rollers integrated into the worktop. The pull-out unit provides an extra work surface and is especially useful when working with large goods as its lower height gives a better working position. The Cargo packing tables and workbenches can be supplemented with a variety of accessories that allow the user to customise the table according to their needs - all for a more efficient, ergonomic working day.

Packing bench workstation

Turn your packing table into a complete workstation by choosing a packing bench that can be equipped with smart accessories that make the work process more efficient. Storage for different types of equipment can be beneficial for the efficiency of working processes. Here are a few examples of add-ons that could improve your productivity: tool panels for flexible storage of various tools, easily accessed shelves above or under the work surface, and/or dispensers of packaging material on rolls can all be incorporated into your packaging solution. The packing table and accessories are made of laminate and steel. The laminate is resistant to scratches and moisture and is easy to clean. The steel is powder-coated, which provides a sturdy and hard-wearing finish. These packing stations can easily be used as a simple workstation or workbench, on its own or as part of a work cell. Be sure to design the workstation according to your specific needs so that you can work as smoothly and efficiently as possible.