Storage boxes and crates

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Storage boxes for various requirements

Every workplace needs appropriate storage solutions that can keep it free of clutter and reduce the risk of accidents. Hence, at AJ Products, we provide a wide range of storage furniture such as storage boxes and cupboards. Our storage boxes are ideal for using in offices, warehouses, workshops, kitchens and other demanding environments. We provide these boxes in various types, sizes and colours. Read the following points to learn more about our boxes and find suitable ones for your business.

Euro plastic boxes

Our Euro plastic boxes are durable and can withstand environments that demand heavy-duty storage and impact resistance. Our boxes are compatible with EUR pallets. You can easily save on your floor space by stacking several boxes on top of each other. Our Euro plastic boxes have smooth insides and bottoms, making them ideal for conveyor belts. We provide these boxes made of recyclable polypropylene and high-density polyethylene. Most of these boxes have easy-grip moulded handles. Click on individual product specifications for more details about our Euro boxes.

Module plastic boxes

Our Module plastic boxes are suitable for a variety of environments and are impact resistant and robust. These boxes are manufactured from recyclable and UV-stable HDPE, have good temperature resistance and are also resistant to the majority of chemicals. You can easily clean these boxes as they have smooth sides, a flat bottom and drainage holes. Similar to our Euro boxes, we provide these boxes equipped with easy-grip handles on the short sides so that it is convenient for you to handle them. Our Module containers are available in three colours: red, blue and white. Contact us if you require any more information about our Module boxes.

Stackable plastic boxes

Our stackable plastic crates are suitable for heavy-duty use in warehouses, industries and other demanding environments. Our plastic boxes are made of recycled plastic, which makes them environmentally friendly. These crates can be easily stacked on top of another, thus helping you save your floor space. Our stackable boxes can withstand temperatures from -20˚C to +80˚C. Apart from these, you can also browse through our other storage solutions such as storage cupboards, small parts cabinets and much more. If you require any assistance for selecting suitable storage solutions for your workplace, contact us.