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Workshop Trolleys in Ireland for tool storage

In energy-intensive environments like factories, warehouses, workshops, etc., storage of tools and equipment needs to be dealt with in an efficient manner. The tools and equipment used in these environments are essential for workers to carry out their daily tasks. Improper storage of these tools might damage them or lead to them being misplaced. Hence to avoid such issues, AJ Products sells appropriate mobile trolleys that double up as tool storage cabinets. By using these devices, workers can take advantage of their dual function, i.e. storage as well as mobility. Browse through the trolleys described below and make your choice accordingly.

Tool Trolley

We sell tool trolleys, which are best suited for workshop and factory transportation requirements. These have a high capacity and are sturdy enough to use in rough environments. One option is essentially a storage crate fixed on wheels. It makes a practical storage unit for tools and other accessories. You can also use this transport trolley as a mobile workstation as the hinged trolley lid has a wooden top so it can be used as a worktop; when closed it is locked by using a padlock to secure the locking bar. The trolley is easy to manoeuvre on two large fixed wheels and two small swivel castors. We sell a variety of tool trolleys depending on the storage space, number of drawers and specifications required. For more details, go through our product pages.

Workshop Trolley

We sell robust workshop trolleys, mainly for storage and transportation of tools in workshops, warehouses, industries, etc. We make the trolley frames from durable powder-coated steel. The trolleys are manufactured in numerous configurations to suit different needs with regard to number of shelves and drawers, load capacity, size, etc. The shelves and drawers mean that these mobile workbenches provide a much more suitable than platform trolleys for transport in this type of environment, allowing you to move your workstation to suit each job. Just like our tool trolleys, the workshop trolley is fitted with four castors, out of which two are fixed and two are swivel. We have also provided a handle on one side of the trolley, thus making it easy to push and pull the trolley around.

Maintenance Trolley

Get rid of your maintenance troubles by buying our maintenance trolleys, wherein you can securely store tools and any other equipment required. We provide these devices with either one or two cabinet compartments. If you need to do assembly work as part of regular maintenance tasks, then this is the perfect investment as the maintenance trolley is useful as a workbench as well as a storage cabinet. The worktop is recessed, which prevents the items from slipping to the floor when the trolley is being used for transportation. For more details, click on the individual product images. Apart from the devices described above, we also sell other warehouse transportation systems like warehouse trolleys and trucks. For more product specifications and details, browse through our product pages.