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Find a wide range of cleaning essentials at AJ Products to ensure cleaning is done quickly, effectively and on a regular basis. We offer a range of commercial cleaning trolleys so you can choose the most appropriate cleaning trolley cart to keep your workplace hygienic and tidy. We also offer solutions such as a manual floor sweeper to keep floors clean in warehouses, factories and shops, as well as everyday cleaning supplies so you can purchase everything you need in one place.

Clean hard floors easily with a manual sweeper

A manual floor sweeper is an affordable and easy-to-use option for any premises with large areas of hard flooring or paved outdoor space. This type of machine cleans large areas quickly and effectively. It is ideal for cleaning assembly areas, warehouse floors and similar indoor environments as it picks up larger waste items such as packing tape as well as smaller debris like paper and nails. It can also be used outdoors on sand, stones or leaves, for example. The sweeper has rotating, height adjustable brushes on the front (to allow easy cleaning of edges and corners) and underneath (to collect debris in the container).

Facilitate cleaning with a commercial cleaning trolley

A fully equipped janitorial cleaning trolley can make it much quicker and easier for cleaning staff to do their job. The type of cleaning trolley suitable will depend on your workplace needs. We have large street cleaning carts for keep outdoor spaces clean and litter free. Other carts accommodate a mop and bucket for efficient floor cleaning in areas with high demands on hygiene such as kitchens or hospitals.

Stock up on cleaning supplies

AJ Products aims to be a one-stop supplier for your workplace needs, which is why we supply cleaning essentials such paper towels and dispensers. We also sell mops for different floor types. Get everything you need in one place! As well as our range of cleaning trolleys and supplies, AJ Products offers an extensive range of waste and recycling bins for both indoor and outdoor use to help keep your premises clean and tidy. This extends from waste paper bins for offices to industrial waste solutions such as tipping skips. Check out the selection available on our website along with a huge range of office furniture, lifting equipment, site safety equipment and much more. We offer free delivery to mainland Ireland.