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Today, businesses are constantly looking for factors that can boost their employees’ work productivity. To do this, they might conduct training sessions to improve their staff’s skills and wellness classes to improve their focus on work as well as other measures. While employers are considering all these different strategies, they should also ensure they provide a clean working environment. This is because there is a direct correlation between a clean workplace and employees’ health. Healthy employees are less likely to take leave, and more likely to perform better. Hence, at AJ Products we provide a wide range of products such as recycling containers, waste paper bins, refuse sacks, etc. to help keep a workplace free of any kind of dirt. We provide these products in various shapes and sizes. Read the following points to learn more our products and find suitable ones for your workplace.

Brooklyn waste bins

Our Brooklyn bins are inspired by the American rubbish bin but have been redesigned and adapted to modern times. The sleek design and matte finish of these bins can add a stylish touch to your workplace. These bins are made entirely of sheet steel, which is powder-coated and provides a hard-wearing finish. These containers are equipped with swivel wheels for easy transportation. Select a lid of your choice from our accessories to complete the bin! Click on individual product specifications for more details.

Steel pedal bins

Steel pedal bins are a popular type of refuse bins. These functional and stylish bins can blend in with any setting. We provide these bins with removable black inner containers with a handle to make it easy for the user to lift it out of the bin. The handy foot pedal means you can open the lid without touching it. We provide these bins in a variety of sizes. Contact us to help you find the right size for your workplace.

Package deals

Along with providing different types of bins, we also offer package deals. Each package includes two to four durable bins in a range of colours or with different types of lid. Different colours can help you easily sort your waste so you can dispose of general waste and different types of recycling in one place and build your own easy-to-manage waste system! Contact us if you require any assistance.