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Benefits of Buying a Wheelie Bin from AJ Products

Accumulation of rubbish is a given in different environments such as offices, warehouses, factories, etc. To help you avoid this issue, AJ Products sells a variety of high quality wheelie bins and waste bins so you can get rid of your rubbish as soon as it accumulates. Go through our various types of rubbish bin and choose the most appropriate ones depending on your specifications and requirements. These products are suitable for various purposes such as disposing of cigarette butts in an outdoor cigarette bin, dumping recyclable waste, getting rid of paper and foodstuffs in offices and kitchens, and so on. Mentioned below are different types of wheelie bins to maintain a clean environment.

Lockable Wheelie Bins

AJ Products sells lockable bins that are equipped with rolling wheels, which make it easy to move them from place to place. They have lockable lids and are also provided with a covered round opening wherein objects such as bottles and cans can be pushed through easily, making them ideal for recycling. The lids can be locked to secure the bin’s contents and prevent them from getting spilt or, in the case of glass, broken. Thus, you can use these bins for office or school canteens where lots of rubbish accumulates. Invest in these value-for-money bins and use them in different environments for maintaining cleanliness.

Recycled Wheelie Bins

AJ Products sells plastic wheelie bins that are made up of 30% recycled polyethylene. These bins conform to local laws regarding use of recyclable materials. They are fitted with two wheels, which make it easy to move the bins from place to place. You can place these bins in outdoor as well as indoor environments. They are suitable for use in warehouses and other industry-related environments. If you are an outdoor-based event business, these bins are the best option you can invest in. They are a very good way to segregate waste in an eco-friendly manner, while causing minimum impact on the environment.

Steel Galvanised Wheelie Bin

Invest in durable and sturdy bins from AJ Products for use in environments such as factories, industries and warehouses, where a lot of energy-intensive processes are undertaken. These bins are made of galvanised steel, which makes these bins efficient for use in hazardous work environments. They are easy to move due to two rugged wheels attached at the bottom. Browse through our wheelie bin section for more details. Our wheelie bins are available in a wide range of dimensions from 50 L to 1000 L. They come in various materials including galvanised steel, HD polyethylene, polyethylene, and polypropylene. You can also invest in other types of waste containers such as recycling bins, cigarette bins, waste paper bins, etc. sold by AJ Products. To find out more information and details about specifications of the bins sold by AJ Products, use the filter on the product page. More details can be found out by browsing through the bin section on our website.