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Handling & Lifting

Handling and Lifting Solutions for Warehouse & Industry


Unfortunately warehouse employees take some serious risks when they go to work every day in order to perform essential tasks such as inventory management, breaking bulk materials, loading and unloading trucks and shipments, making transport arrangements and dealing with handling and lifting heavy tools and equipment. At AJ Products, we provide various solutions such as ergonomic furniture, handling and lifting equipment for warehouses and industries which can help you prevent any work related injuries or accidents. Read the following product categories to have a better understanding.


Transport trolleys and dollies

Transport trolleys are a perfect solution for moving goods and materials from one place to another. These trolleys are not only useful for moving your materials but they also act as an efficient storage solution. You can also choose from our wide range of dollies, which are fitted with rotating platforms, steering rods and various other features which can help you enhance your workshop and industries. For more information, visit the individual category pages.


Lifting jack, tables and trolleys

Lifting jacks are suitable for repairing, maintaining or installing heavy machinery in your warehouses and industries. We have lifting tables which help you perform all heavy lifting operations and have a load capacity of up to 4000 kg. We also have lifting trolleys which can be used as workbenches, unloading or lifting tables. For more product specifications, visit individual categories.


Shelf, cage and stainless steel trolleys

Shelf trolley is one of our most popular products and helps simplify the process of transporting goods from one place to another. Our cage trolleys are available in stackable, foldable and lockable types and are a robust transportation solution. Our stainless steel trolleys are ideal for kitchens, canteens and food handling areas. They are easy to clean and perfect for any kind of catering services.


Pallet trucks and accessories

Pallet trucks are essential for any warehouse or distribution hub. They help with transporting, loading, lifting and unloading goods in warehouse.  We also have various pallet accessories such as pallet collars, pallet rollers, pallet containers etc. Visit our individual product listing to find out more details.


Amongst all of this we also have various handling and lifting equipment available which can help improve the efficiency of your warehouse and industry. Our various products include access ramps and speed bumps, castor wheels, tipping skips, wheelbarrows, forklift attachments and accessories and platform scooters. You can contact our online sales team for any assistance.